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About Keith

About Bone Broth Nutrition’s

Hi everyone and welcome to Bone Broth Nutrition’s website. Bone broth nutrition is something new for me over the last few years. It has become part of my daily nutritional intake and what a huge difference it has made to help improve my overall health.

As a child I was constantly sick and always had a poor immune system. It seemed no matter what I tried I could never build up my immune system to help fight off continual illness. As I got older and became an adult, my health just seemed to decline.

Adding bone broth to my daily routine has made a huge different in my health and I now want to help those who are dealing with the same issues I have much of my life.

A Little Story About My Journey

Growing up I was always that child that was sick no matter what I tried. As I got older, I continued to deal with all sort of illness and my immune system seemed to get worse. If there was one person in the room that was ill, I would for sure be extremely sick the next day and end up in the doctor’s office.

About 8 years ago I started to have all sort of major stomach issues. It got so bad I could not even keep water down without a lot of pain. I was going on about a month of not keeping much food down and had lost around 45 pounds. I was so sick I was barely able to walk into my regular doctor’s office. My doctor, who I am thankful for, would not let me leave her office without scheduling me an appointment to see a specialist.

My specialist ran all sort of tests and could not find exactly what was causing such horrific stomach pains. So, my specialist finally performed an endoscope and colonoscopy. My doctor came to speak to me after I woke up and the first thing he said was “you have a stomach of an 80-year-old person”. At the time I was only 37 years old! He began discussing all my issues starting with wholes in my esophagus, hernia, acid reflex, gastritis, and multiple other issues in my small and large intestine. Bottom line I had a severe case of leaky gut, among other issues.

So medical treatment started, and it was a challenge to get me back to “somewhat” health. I followed my doctor’s instructions and even years later I was still on all kinds of medications. I grew quite frustrated and with the help of my wife and other resources my journey began to learn about alternatives to medication to heal my body inside out.

The Bone Broth Nutrition’s Journey Life Change

I began adding bone broth to my daily routine. Over time to my amazement, I started feeling better overall including my stomach. I was able to get off all the medications I was taking daily just to be able to eat without major heartburn or major stomach pain and to control the acid reflux.

My allergies that I had suffered with since a child began to subside and eventually went completely away. My overall immune system began to get better and I started getting sick less often. I would also recover quicker from a common cold or any illness, it was amazing.

Another benefit I started to experience was reduced pain in my joints. I used to live with daily aches in pains throughout my body and joints my entire life, so this was something I was not expecting to get out of bone broth.

Because I started finally feeling better, I also started working out and choosing a better eating lifestyle. When you are always sick with something or just do not feel good, who really wants to workout or even try to eat right? Well that was me, but I can say that old me is gone and I feel the best I have in my life. I feel so much better in my mid 40s than when I was 20, it is crazy what bone broth nutrition can do for you.

Believe it or not bone broth comes in all sorts of flavors so it is easily consumed. I know it does not sound appealing, but there are so many creative flavors and way to prepare for enjoyment.

If you deal with any type of gut issues or just a poor immune system in general, then you should take a look around my website and learn more about changing your health for the good with bone broth.

To your healthy journey,


Founder of Bond Broth Nutrition’s

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